How will I be evaluated for competency?
You will need to demonstrate that you know the steps of the procedure from start to finish. Use the skill-specific competency Checklist to guide you as to essential steps to know for the procedure. However, for determining competency at each station, instructors will use the Global Rating Scale.
Will I get a chance to practice before being evaluated?
Of course! Instructors are at each station in order to assist you with practice and to prepare for demonstrating competency. Resource materials will be present at the station.
Who chooses when I am ready to be evaluated – me or the instructor?
You do! The instructors are there to guide you for practice, and can help determine if you are ready to be evaluated.
Are training days extremely stressful? Are the Instructors MEAN?!
Absolutely not!! The goal of this is a fun, relaxed atmosphere for you to practice and master competency in a variety of skills that you may use one day in the ED. There will be a lot of time and resources to ensure everyone achieves competency that day.
I'm having trouble accessing portions of the website. What do I do?
Each course and workshop has their own unique passwords. If you’ve enrolled in a course or workshop and cannot access the material, or have forgotten the password, you can contact [email protected].